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Mohawk District Central Office

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24 Ashfield Road
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
Phone: 413-625-0192
Fax: 413-625-0196


Vision: The Mohawk District is a community of happy and flourishing students who embrace diversity, have a passion for lifelong learning, and become responsible, engaged citizens.

Mission: The Mohawk District will cultivate a student-centered learning environment where inspiring educators create engaging educational experiences while encouraging collaboration and creative problem solving.

Core Values:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Curiosity
  • Work Ethic

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    Our Foundational Commitments

    1. Mohawk values and supports inspired teaching and learning, as well as imagination, initiative, and independent thinking.
    2. Mohawk cultivates rigorous academics and embraces diverse approaches to learning, within and beyond the classroom.
    3. Mohawk encourages self-expression and respects and responds to students' voices.
    4. Mohawk fosters a sense of responsibility for one’s self, others, and the environment.
    5. Mohawk commits to effective partnerships through communication and collaboration among staff, students, families, and community.
    6. Mohawk reflects the vibrancy of the community and natural environment that surrounds it.

    21st Century Learning Expectations

    1. Use real-world digital and other research tools to access, evaluate and effectively apply information appropriate for authentic tasks.
    2. Work independently and collaboratively to solve problems and accomplish goals.
    3. Communicate information clearly and effectively using a variety of tools/media in varied contexts for a variety of purposes.
    4. Demonstrate innovation, flexibility and adaptability in thinking patterns, work habits, and working/learning conditions.
    5. Effectively apply the analysis, synthesis, and evaluative processes that enable productive problem solving.
    6. Value and demonstrate personal responsibility, character, cultural understanding, and ethical behavior.

    Core Values

    As members of the Mohawk community, we will be:

    • Respectful
    • Responsible
    • A role model
    • Engaged
    • Accountable

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    • The mission at BSE is to support students in reaching their full potential within the greater community.

    Core Values

    1. We value a safe environment for learning
    2. We value a diverse community of learners
    3. We value a commitment to collaboration
    4. We value enrichment across all disciplines
    5. We strive for academic excellence

    School Wide Themes

    • Safety
    • Responsibility 
    • Compassion

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    The staff at Sanderson Academy believes that effective education involves helping all students to acquire basic skills and the ability to apply them in meaningful contexts.  Each child will be viewed as a unique individual, possessing strengths and needs in the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical areas of development.  All students will have opportunities to build positive self-esteem, appreciate diversity in society, and gain a broad knowledge base.

    The staff at Sanderson Academy endeavors to do the following in pursuit of effective education:

    • Incorporate a variety of teaching methods and materials in order to address the learning styles and abilities of all children.
    • Praise and support learners so they develop positive self-esteem and increased independence.
    • Implement curricula based upon scientific research.
    • Create a physically and emotionally safe school environment.
    • Develop strong school-home relationships in which teachers and parents work in partnership.

    We believe that learners, staff, parents, and community working together will achieve quality education for all children.

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    • The mission of the Colrain Central School is to work together in a safe, welcoming environment, to promote an education that pursues excellence, independence, and creativity while sustaining a sense of community.

    Core Values

    At Colrain Central School we value for students, staff, and community:

    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Empathy
    • Kindness
    • Acceptance
    • Perseverance
    • Risk-taking
    • Accountability
    • Problem solving
    • Stewardship


    • At CCS, our vision for our students is to move forward with the self-confidence to meet new challenges; to be good citizens; to have the ability and desire to continually acquire new knowledge and skills.

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    • Hawlemont Elementary School provides students with high quality education through authentic learning and in partnership with families and community.

    H.A.Y. (Hawlemont, Agriculture, & You) Mission Statement

    • Our goal is to provide an innovative elementary education through hands-on, experiential learning that combines agriculture and community involvement with traditional curriculum.


    • Hawlemont Elementary School is a community of learners where everyone will flourish. To flourish, we will work together to foster positive emotions, active engagement, strong relationships, meaning in our work, and acknowledge accomplishments.

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